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YTD Galvanized Spot PriceYTD Galv Spot Price

Galvanized Spot Pricing continues to rise. With a few mills down, we have seen a lower supply of steel, causing a price increase. These increases have seemed to stick, but once AK gets back up and running supply will increase, possibly causing prices to lower again. 

blog 2/18/15 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Galvanized Spot Pricing as of 2/18/15. As you can see prices have dropped steadily since August of 2014. We have seen a drastic drop since the beginning of the year, and towards the end of 2014. Steel prices have very steeply declined. There is a glut of foreign material, but the cost of scrap and energy has also declined helping fuel the price cuts. We do not think the domestic mills can keep operating at these prices. I believe there is a little more room for prices to drop, but I believe the bottom has to be near. Keep an eye out for antidumping suits to be filed.

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blog 8/11/14 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Galvanized Spot Pricing as of 8/11/14. There has been a slight increase in pricing as of late. We are still waiting to see what the domestic mills are going to do about the impending trade case. Just the threat of a trade case is beginning to have an effect on how companies are ordering their steel. I believe we will begin to see the impact of the threat later this year, regardless of whether or not there are any tariffs imposed. If the case does get brought against foreign competitors, I believe we will see a large jump in pricing.  

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blog 6/23/14 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Galvanized Spot Pricing as of 6/23/14. As you can see, pricing went above the $800 mark, but could not maintain that level. Pricing has now dipped back down into the high $700's. We believe pricing may slide a little lower, however we do not foresee a big drop in price. We are looking for pricing to be somewhat stable for the next few months.

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blog 5.2.14 CRU

Galvanized spot pricing as of 5/2/14. Spot price has risen above the $800 mark. Pricing is continuing to rise. We have heard rumors of more increases coming from the mill, but we are thinking pricing may be nearing the top. We are buying on an as needed basis at the moment.

%02 %500 %2014, %11:%May

blog 2/5/14 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Galvanized Spot Pricing as of 2/5/14. As you can see pricing has leveled off at over the past few months and has even started to slightly decline. The January increases that many have come to expect never arrived. It seems that with an uncertain market no one is buying more steel than they need. We are expecting a lot of foreign metal to enter the market soon, with a large gap in price. Scrap prices are also on the decline. This could be seen as reason for domestic mills to lower their prices.

%05 %511 %2014, %11:%Feb

blog 11/7/13 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Galvanized Spot Pricing as of 11/7/13. We are seeing mills announce price increases today and expect more to follow tomorrow and next week. Many mills have closed out December booking. We are expecting more increases as January booking begins. 

%07 %700 %2013, %15:%Nov

blog 10/21/13 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Galvanized Spot Pricing through October. Prices have risen over the past few months and seem to have leveled off somewhat.  It appears prices will not drop at the end of the year, as they have the past few years. The mills act as though they are sticking to their prices, and could possibly send out another increase.

%21 %587 %2013, %13:%Oct

blog 8/8/13 Galvanized Spot Pricing Graph

Galvanized Spot Pricing; CRU;

Galvanized Spot Pricing continues to increase. While the price increases seem to be sticking, the market still seems a little soft. 

%13 %708 %2013, %15:%Aug

blog 7/12/13 Galvanized Spot Pricing

CRU; Galvanized Spot Pricing; Year to date

Galvanized Spot Pricing is increasing. Due to a few mills being down, supply has been short, causing a price increase. Increases have seemed to stick, but once AK gets back up and running supply will rise and prices may begin to drop again. 

%12 %408 %2013, %08:%Jul

blog 6/20/13 Galvanized Spot Pricing

Here is the year to date Galvanized Spot Pricing. We will be updating this a few times a month.  Prices have gone up in the past month, and we have also seen lead times starting to go out. The market seems to be firming up.

%20 %635 %2013, %14:%Jun